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We sell mining rigs, frame, power supply and hardware at lowest price in NZ.
We offer hosting service to make mining cryptocurrency cost-effective, simple and
accessible for everyone.

We believe blockchain-based technology and cryptocurrency are changing our lives in a much better way.  Cryptomate is your reliable solution for you to step into the future now.
Cryptomate is easy, simple, and professional. 



    Cryptomate Servers

    Cryptomate started in early 2019. We were looking for a professional service in the crypto mining industry. Despite great resources in New Zealand such as clean electricity, there were no accessible crypto mining options for ordinary New Zealanders in a safe, reliable, and transparent manner. After several months of researching and creating infrastructure, Cryptomate was established in early 2021 at the bank of Otago peninsula, where the cold natural breeze helps ventilate the hosting warehouse economically. We made an efficient, and user-friendly Crypto mining facility with a solid infrastructure for anyone who wants to join the industry. We have a supportive office team on board to host your mining hardware. Cryptomate is a company for everyone who thinks ahead and wants not to be left behind in the fast-changing today’s world. We strongly believe New Zealand is the best place to pioneer cryptocurrency mining due to its outstanding climate and clean, renewable energy. It is our priority to make cryptomining accessible, safe, and easy for New Zealanders.



    We offer different types of miners. However, our core business is GPU mining. GPU miner is versatile, and we can repair your miner immediately to minimize downtime. We supply and install, optimize and host miners for different Alt Coins. Depending on the market and profitability, we can recommend a target coin unless our customers specifically ask us for their favorite coins.
    We custom-make 8 GPU open mining frames with a fixed contract Tornado Cash Github and 1-year warranty. The goal is to make it simple and easy for non-technical people to “set and forget” the miner. Yes, Set the most efficient rig at the lowest price and Forget about the hassles of running the hardware like adjusting hashrate, power usage, fan speed, software controls, etc. We have happy customers from different countries, including New Zealand and Australia.


    We set up an efficient, scalable, and friendly data center, and
    we are proud of it. Once your Rig is ready, we assign starting
    date and ask you to provide us wallet address. We have NO
    control over your collected coins. If need assistance our experts
    are ready to help you step by step to set up accounts. You can
    monitor the performance of your miner by the App or a secured link that we
    provide. If you like to visit us or show your miner to your friend,
    you are more than welcome to do so by a previous
    appointment. Due to today’s market volatility and lack of
    enough supply, we have limited stock available in our
    warehouse. Therefore, if you need more than what we have available 
    or have a specific requirement; we need approximately 2 to 4
    weeks to order parts and build your miner. Yes, we can ship
    your miner to your place, but customers with a hosting service
    contract are the priority. There are some used miners for sales
    and hosting. All of our miners come with a warranty.




    Welcome to Cryptomate – your trusted partner in the world of cryptocurrency mining. At Cryptomate, we offer innovative and cutting-edge services that are designed to enhance the efficiency of your mining operations. Our team of experts is equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of mining operations, making us your go-to source for all things Crypto mining. From optimizing your energy efficiency to reducing noise and ensuring stable internet connectivity, we provide cost-effective solutions that are tailor-made to meet your specific needs.

    Our approach is built around a thorough analysis of key factors, which allows us to maximize your profitability and ensure hassle-free maintenance services. We offer a range of competitively priced starter packages that are perfectly suited to those looking to break into the world of crypto mining. With our expertise, you can enjoy secure and efficient mining operations without worrying about hardware issues or routine maintenance. Trust Cryptomate to provide the cost-effective solutions you need to take your mining operations to the next level. When Cryotomate is here , why mining at home?


    Highest Security


    Solid infrastructure




    All time monitoring


    Cryptomate offers services that are more profitable in terms of power usage, maintenance and optimization, and a lot more.

    We always welcome our customers. Getting an advanced appointment will make us more than happy to take you through our operations and ensure a great journey with Cryptomate.

    You need to inform this 45 days in advance. Our experts will help you to find the best suitable buyer.

    As of now, we only offer GPU miners, we mine Ethereum and other coins based on the Ethereum blockchain.

    We provide you with a proper application to monitor your miner performance and you only need to provide us with your wallet address.

    As of now, we only offer GPU miners, we mine Ethereum and other coins based on the Ethereum blockchain.